Installing Maistra

To install Maistra Service Mesh, first install the required Operators on OpenShift Container Platform and then create a ServiceMeshControlPlane resource to deploy the control plane.


The following steps show how to install a basic instance of Maistra Service Mesh on OpenShift Container Platform.

Operator overview

Maistra Service Mesh requires the following four Operators:

  • OpenShift Elasticsearch - (Optional) Provides database storage for tracing and logging with Jaeger. It is based on the open source Elasticsearch project.

  • Jaeger - Provides tracing to monitor and troubleshoot transactions in complex distributed systems. It is based on the open source Jaeger project.

  • Kiali - Provides observability for your service mesh. Allows you to view configurations, monitor traffic, and analyze traces in a single console. It is based on the open source Kiali project.

  • Maistra Service Mesh - Allows you to connect, secure, control, and observe the microservices that comprise your applications. The Maistra Operator defines and monitors the ServiceMeshControlPlane resources that manage the deployment, updating, and deletion of the Maistra components. It is based on the open source Istio project.

Installing the Operators

To install Maistra Service Mesh, install following Operators in this order. Repeat the procedure for each Operator.

  1. Optional: OpenShift Elasticsearch

  2. Jaeger

  3. Kiali

  4. Maistra Service Mesh

  1. Log in to the OpenShift Container Platform web console as a user with the cluster-admin role.

  2. In the OpenShift Container Platform web console, click OperatorsOperatorHub.

  3. Type the name of the Operator into the filter box and select the Red Hat version of the Operator. Community versions of the Operators are not supported.

  4. Click Install.

  5. On the Install Operator page, select installation options.

    1. For the OpenShift Elasticsearch Operator, in the Update Channel section, select stable-5.x.

    2. For the Jaeger, Kiali, and Maistra Service Mesh Operators, accept the defaults.

      The Jaeger, Kiali and Maistra Service Mesh are installed in the openshift-operators namespace. The OpenShift Elasticsearch Operator is installed in the openshift-operators-redhat namespace.

  6. Click Install. Wait until the Operator has installed before repeating the steps for the next Operator in the list.

  7. After all you have installed all four Operators, click OperatorsInstalled Operators to verify that your Operators installed.

Next steps

Create a ServiceMeshControlPlane resource to configure the components of Maistra. For more information, see Creating the ServiceMeshControlPlane.