Security Issues

Occasionally, security issues are found in Maistra. When issues are discovered, a new release of OpenShift Service Mesh is made to include fixes for these vulnerabilities. However, these fixes are not included in a Maistra release until the next general release.

The following table lists the versions of components in different releases.

Maistra Istio Kiali Jaeger Verified
1.1.1 1.4.6 1.12.7 1.17
1.1.0 1.4.6 1.12.7 1.17
1.0.8 1.1.17 1.0.9 1.13.1

Maistra 1.1.3

  • Removed cert-manager CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions) from control plane installation. These were being installed by mistake. These CRDs need to be removed manually if cert-manager is not being used within the Kubernetes cluster. To remove the CRDs, run the following commands:

$ kubectl delete crd
$ kubectl delete crd
$ kubectl delete crd
$ kubectl delete crd
$ kubectl delete crd

Maistra 1.1.1

  • Added support for disconnected installs. This feature is only available on OpenShift Service Mesh.

Maistra 1.1.0

  • Updated to Istio 1.4.6

  • Support for Kiali tag field has been removed

  • Operator dependencies removed. Kiali, Jaeger, and ElasticSearch must be installed independently.