Getting started

Custom Installation

Maistra uses a custom resource to initialize your environment. This document describes how to customize the installation to your specific environment.

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Installing the sidecar within your Service Mesh Applications

Service mesh provides features to applications through the istio-proxy sidecar within your application's pod, created through automatic injection of the configuration.

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Istio Installation Guide

This document describes how to install the Istio operator and how to create a custom resource to configure and install an Istio control plane into your OpenShift installation.

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Visualizing your Service Mesh

Kiali allows you to visualize the topology of your service mesh, view traces, see the flow of traffic in your network, and troubleshoot issues.

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Bookinfo is an example application that shows you how to set up and monitor a service mesh using Istio.

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Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes

The RHOAR team has developed several tutorials to allow you to explore specific Istio features.

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Monitoring & Tracing

Distributed Tracing

See how to use Istio to collect traces and send them to Jaeger to easily trace issues in configured services.

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See how Istio allows you to monitor the health of your Service Mesh using Grafana

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Use Istio and Prometheus to collect and examine metrics in your service mesh

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